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MasterWriter is the perfect writing partner.
Why struggle to find the right word? See all the possibilities in an instant.
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Forrest Gump, Back To The Future, Contact, Who Framed Roger Rabbit

Why should I use MasterWriter?

Whether you’re writing a song, poem, novel or screenplay,
MasterWriter will help you to express yourself
in a unique and more meaningful way.


The ultimate rhyming dictionary with over 100,000 entries, 36,000 Rhymed-Phrases, and a complete collection of close rhymes.


The Phrases dictionary contains over 33,000 phrases, sayings, idioms, cliches and word combinations.

Word Families

A unique reference dictionary that will open up a new world of possibilities for descriptive words and ideas.


Alliterate descriptive words with filters that allow you to search by part of speech, word polarity and word intensity.


The only electronic version of The Synonym Finder, which in our opinion, is the best thesaurus on the market.


The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language provides the definition and pronunciation.

The World

A unique collection of over 11,000 icons of American and World Culture that will help put colorful elements and images in your writing.


Easily organize all the information related to your projects. Come back in a week or a year and it will be there just as you left it.


Easily capture and manage your audio recordings. You can also import and export .mp3 audio files.


Good to go on all devices, which gives you the flexibilty to capture your inspiration whenever, and wherever you are.

Important Features

SEE all the possibilities with one search

Performing a search in any dictionary will simultaneously instigate the same search in all dictionaries.

All of the dictionaries except for Synonyms and Dictionary, have filters that allow you to be more specific in your searches. Depending on the dictionary, these filters allow you to search by usage, part of speech, intensity, syllables and more.

Collect words at the click of a button

You may collect as many words or phrases as you wish from each dictionary. When you select Collected, the information you've collected from the various dictionaries will be displayed. This feature allows the writer to choose from a number of possibilities rather than settling on just one choice.

Split-Screen Mode

The split-screen mode allows the writer to view the text/lyric page on one side and access the reference dictionaries and features on the other.

The world’s culture

The World is a collection of 11,000 icons of both American and World Culture. It gives you a quick and easy way to add a little spice to your writing.
For Songwriters and Poets all entries are syllablized so you can filter the results to fit a melody or meter.


Organize yourself painlessly

MasterWriter automatically saves all information and work product related to your project or song. This allows the writer to come back to a finished or unfinished project at any time in the future, and all of the information under that title will be intact.

A helping hand when you need it

MasterWriter will not only help you to express yourself in a unique and interesting manner, it can also jumpstart the creative process by helping you find an interesting idea or direction to write about.

Take your creativity to a new level

Why struggle to find the right word using the limited memory of the mind when you can see all the possibilities in an instant? Free your mind to create, let MasterWriter do the rest. This constant exposure to a variety of descriptive words, will enhance and grow your vocabulary and by using MasterWriter, you will become a better writer in the process. To have the reference dictionaries, unique features, and effortless organization all housed in one easy-to-use program is what makes MasterWriter the most powerful and efficient writing tool on the market.